What We Do

Since our inception, we have freed over 1,000 Nashvillians from jail.

Bail Fund Details

Pretrial bail is an outdated system designed under false notions that have long been debunked. Today, this system fuels wealth-based detention and innocent people are locked in a cage because they simply can’t afford to post bail.

The Nashville Community Bail Fund is helping people avoid extended pretrial detention. The bail fund is supported by community donations and as long as a client appears in court when requested their cash bail is placed back into the fund to support additional clients. 

Donating to the Nashville Community Bail Fund helps these people go home before trial, home to their loved ones, jobs, and lives. Give them a fighting chance against a system that doesn’t.

Give to the Nashville Bail Fund now.

Community Empowerment

In 2022 the District Attorney, Chief Public Defender and every judge in Nashville is up for re-election. Get the facts. See what happens in court. Then use that knowledge to make an informed decision at the polls. To hold judges and hold the system accountable.

11 General Sessions judges are responsible for the policies that the magistrates use to set bail and they get to decide to release someone for no price.

Magistrate judges are appointed attorneys who set bail and there are 6 Criminal Court judges that decide if a person gets indicted.

District attorneys have the discretion to charge high level or low-level crimes and they will often charge people the highest level even though the facts do not support the decision.

We need to ask for more accountability. We need to demand that these magistrates determine if a person has the ability to pay the ransom or the bail amounts that they set prior to setting the bail.

We need to disrupt the system. 

Learn. Think. Vote.