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The Nashville Community Bail Fund Almost Ran Out Of Money. Now It’s In Better Shape Than Ever.

Nashville Public Radio | JUL 7 2020

Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights & Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp Commit $1M Towards Supporting Community Bail Funds

Press Release | JUL 2 2020

Donation Wave Powers Bail Funds’ Future

Law360 | JUN 21 2020

“It Changes Who Has the Power”:  How Bail Funds Across the Country Are Responding to Protests

The Ringer | JUN 8 2020

How Bail Funds Give Americans a Voice Against Police Brutality

New Statesman | JUN 3 2020

Justice Orgs Challenge Nashville Bail-Related Rules as ‘Illegal & Wrong’

Nashville Scene | SEP 30 2019

A Local Nonprofit Is at the Center of the Fight Over Bail Reform

Nashville Scene | MAY 30 2020