The Nashville Community Bail Fund's existence--and the future of the movement to end wealth-based detention in Nashville--are in danger, and we need your help.

On May 30, 2019, Nashville's six Criminal Court Judges ordered the Bail Fund to be held responsible for any court costs, fines, fees, and restitution assessed against our participants. Prior to this order, the NCBF received full refunds on cash bails it paid when court cases resolved. Now, court costs, fines, fees, and restitution will be taken from these cash bails--meaning for some cases we will not receive a full refund, even if our participant attends all their court dates.

Effectively, the judges’ decision will deplete the NCBF’s funds until it can no longer operate.

Since 2016, we have freed nearly 1,000 people who could not otherwise afford their bail. If we shut down, how many individuals will be forced to sit in a cage until their case ends, subjecting them to the devastating consequences of incarceration solely because they don’t have wealth?

If you believe wealth-based detention should be abolished in Nashville, you can help us in three ways:

1) Sign our petition below.

2) Make a donation. Your financial support will keep the bail fund operating until we end wealth-based detention in Nashville. Click here to donate.

3) Volunteer to court watch. We are developing a court watch program to hold our judges accountable. If you're interested in courtwatching, check "yes, I would like to receive updates" below or email

Thank you for your support!