Q: What is court watching?A: Court watching is the act of bringing community members into our city's courtrooms to observe court proceedings and record their observations. The purpose of court watching is to hold courtroom actors (judges, district attorneys, public defenders, bailiffs) accountable and promote a just process for those accused of a crime through community involvement in the justice system.Q: Do I have to be familiar with the court process to volunteer?A: Not at all! The purpose of court watch is to bring everyday community members into the courtroom. Before you court watch, you can attend one of our in-person trainings. We also do a quick debrief before we enter courtrooms to observe, so you will have any necessary info. Lastly, there's always an NCBF staff member or volunteer court watch leader on the premises to answer any questions.Q: What's the time commitment like?A: Our court watch days are typically Monday-Thursday mornings. We ask that volunteers be available from 9AM to 12PM--a court watching day will generally wrap up between 11 and 12.