End wealth-based detention.

Freeing low-income individuals from jail. Holding our elected officials accountable. Empowering the Nashville community to dismantle a broken system.

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individuals caged pre-trial in Davidson County

People set free by Nashville Community Bail Fund

Bail Fund

Our bail fund provides financial support so they can go home before their trial and get back to their jobs, lived and loved ones.

Election 2022

In 2022, every Nashville judge, chief public defender and district attorney are up for reelection. We need to demand more accountability from these elected officials to set realistic bail amounts based on a person’s ability to pay.

Freedom needs to be free.

In America, we are taught innocent until proven guilty, but when you cage someone against a dollar amount they can’t afford to pay, you are treating them as though they’ve already been convicted.

Help us free Nashvillians from jail and end wealth-based detention.

How it Works.

Donations to the Nashville Community Bail Fund are invested into our bail fund and used to free those who have not been convicted of a crime. Every donation has the potential to compound as all funds are reinvested into the bail fund to provide freedom to those who cannot afford it.


1247 low-income Nashvillians bailed out since June 2016

Total bonds posted

24 bails on average posted each month

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